How We Work


The ARC website presents a unique footage collection from the Arab world, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. We cover many essential categories of images including: society, culture, architecture, archaeology, heritage, religion and landscape.

Media, publishing and education professionals creating in-depth stories about the Middle East will find content from over 20 countries across the region.

The ARC collection has thousands of hours of video clips, catalogued and cross referenced through an extensive system of detailed metadata, enabling quick and relevant searches for efficient editing and licensing purposes.


Firehorse ARC is licensed globally by Shutterstock. When you see the footage you require please click on the Shutterstock logo or Shutterstock link found on the clip page. You will be transferred to the ARC page on Shutterstock where you can finalise your license requirements and purchase.


Firehorse ARC consulting services support owners of audio-visual collections from broadcasters, agencies, cultural and governmental institutions to libraries and universities through our consultancy services. We provide the right conditions and suitable solutions designed for archive content management as well as providing access to global licensing platforms.