Firehorse Archive celebrates its launch.

A Unique Footage Archive of the Middle East in the 21st Century.

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Beirut, Lebanon: The Firehorse Archive collection offers filmmakers unique access to a vast library of raw video clips from the Middle East with a special focus on the Arab World.

Today the Middle East is undergoing unprecedented change brought about by the shifting geopolitics of the region. Media across digital platforms is closely following these changes, indicating a strong demand for Arab content in the Middle East and globally. Yet there are few dedicated footage archives with both regional expertise and unique access, which provide professional content for global digital channels and filmmakers who want to tell in-depth stories about the Arab World. Commenting on the launch of the exclusive footage, Mouna Mounayer, Partner and Head of Archive said, “With recent events in the region, we understood that our archives held unrivalled footage of World Heritage sites in the vast majority of the region. The professionally shot rushes contain a wide variety of detailed panoramic views and close-up shots of intact archaeological sites and cultural treasures. This body of content represents a catalogue of particular significance – no one will ever be able to capture the same original elements on film again. We felt it our responsibility to make this footage available to story telling professionals around the world, helping them create their distinct and in-depth analysis on varying perspectives from the Middle East.”

Filmmakers, researchers, journalists narrating in-depth stories about the Arab World will find professionally shot and catalogued content from more than 20 countries across the region, suitable for global digital channels. Our unrivalled access to, and in some cases rare, footage captures all aspects of the region, providing unique insight into its rugged beauty, rich cultural heritage, diverse religious communities, distinctive architecture, magnificent landscape and most importantly its people, as well as the darker side of its turbulent politics and all too frequent conflicts.

Today, Iraq and Syria are riven by conflict. Their cultural heritage systematically destroyed by civil war and political and religious upheaval. These are places no one will ever see the same way again. The Firehorse Archive has rare and exclusive footage of Mesopotamian sites in Iraq including: Babylon, Ur, Eridu, Warka and the Iraq National Museum before it was looted in 2003. You can search our archives for footage on disappearing religious minorities like the Christians of Turkey and Syria, the Zoroastrians of Iran, the Bahai and many others. The Firehorse Archive is an unparalleled resource of visual content of the Arab World.

The Firehorse Archive will celebrate the official launch of its website, at the Footage Market Place in London on the 19th of May 2015.

The Firehorse Archive. Helping you create in-depth stories from the Middle East.