We offer a unique service in the region by providing Arabic expert footage archivists and
researchers, to evaluate, catalogue and curate content for preservation and accessibility as well as to show which content can be monetized and how.

  • Evaluation of content
    Assessment of content potential, asset management and content strategy.
  • Digitisation, restoration and preservation of content
    We use the most advanced digital tools to restore and enhance motion picture, still images and audio assets in any format.
  • Clipping and metadata
    Our expert team of archivists can train local on-site teams to clip and add descriptive metadata and keywords to footage in English and Arabic.
  • Content management and delivery of assets through a cloud based service
    We provide robust and flexible solutions through our technology platform partners.
  • Re-versioning content
    Our team of creative producers and editors can re-version content as stand alones or packages for licensing and/or broadcast.
  • Licensing and distribution
    Through our licensing partners we cover licensing and distribution across the globe.

    Interested in licensing your Middle East and African content with the world? ARC is interested in hearing from you. ARC offers content representation services to help your footage reach new customers and opportunities.

    Please contact: for more information about joining our team of talented professional contributors.