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The Firehorse ARC collection is a treasure trove of stories, from around the Arab world, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, just waiting to be discovered by you. ARC presents all aspects of life in the region, providing unique insight into its rugged beauty, rich cultural heritage and the vibrant contrasts between the modern and the traditional.


Our footage enables you to create in-depth stories spanning cultures, religions, landscapes, history, traditions, architecture and everyday life. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, from Saudi Arabia in the East to Morocco in the West, our wealth of content is beyond imagination.


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“This is an important archive to bring to a global audience,” said Tom Spota Director of Video Acquisition at Shutterstock. “It is a privilege to be able to offer such diverse and rare footage to film and TV makers around the world. The importance of what ARC has captured on film, before and during the current changes taking place in the Middle East, will stand as a powerful record of everyday life and also lost treasures.”

Mouna Mounayer and Najat Rizk, co-owners of ARC, added, “the body of content we offer has particular significance and resonance right now and will continue to have in the coming years as many of our clips are of places that are no longer accessible or have been destroyed, such as the heritage sites of Syria and Iraq.
No one will be able to capture these places and the life around them in the same way again. Working with Shutterstock we will be able to give a greater number of media professionals access to this valuable archive.”

Firehorse ARC and Shutterstock, a leading global provider of imagery and music, have agreed to a five-year licensing deal.

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Lying on the shores of the Mediterranean, Lebanon’s history dates back over 6000 years. Home to some of the oldest cities in the world, it is a country of contrasts and extremes.


The cultural wealth, social fabric and traditions of southern Iraq are fast disappearing as a result of two decades of upheavals, wars and the systematic looting of archaeological sites.


A country of fertile plains, high mountains and deserts, Syria’s has been ripped apart by a three-year civil war, which has devastated its people and destroyed its cultural heritage.


The most populous country in the Arab World, Egypt is home to one of the world’s oldest civilisations. Our footage enables you to unlock the wonders of Egypt, past and present.

Saudi Arabia

The economic and political powerhouse of the Arabian Gulf, as well as the birthplace of Islam, the importance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cannot be underestimated.

United Arab Emirates

The glittering modern achievements of the UAE often overshadow its traditions. From mega-structures to falconry, the UAE is a beguiling mix of yesterday and tomorrow.


Bahrain was the original Gulf powerhouse, with a history dating back 5,000 years. Today, Bahrain is making a name for itself through its full-throated promotion of culture and history.

North Africa

North Africa’s mix of ethnic and religious diversity, stunning traditional architecture and gorgeous mountain and desert landscapes has long made it a draw.


Iran has been a focus of world political attention since its 1979 revolution. But it is also country of natural and human diversity and great cultural wealth.


As a country dominated by the decades-long struggle for survival our footage of Palestine offers rare insight into two communities that are often overlooked: the Moroccan Jews and the Bahai.


Fast-paced and dynamic, the US is always on the go. Through the cities of Chicago and Salt Lake we give you a taste of contemporary life in the world’s most developed nation.


Thousands of years of history have left the European continent with a rich legacy of culture and religion. From Istanbul to London our footage covers the cultural heritage of Europe.

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